Friday, 27 March 2015

Tapestry Leaf

I wanted a Victorian feel to this fair-isle - I have used this pattern before when I used to design human sweaters. I like the curling leaves.
A friend wants a Victorian feel cardigan so I'm hoping this will work. I don't know yet whether to try it on a yoke or whether it would look better as a band.

The hat is sized for a Dollstown 7 ball jointed doll but Tuesday stepped in to model it for me.

Tapestry Leaf hat

Tapestry Leaf hat

For B

Noro dresses - all $15

1 - purple, blue and lime stripes - loose fit
2 - turquoise and emerald green - fitted
3 - black and purple - fitted
4 - green and black - fitted

Soft Malabrigo sweaters - all $11

1 - browns
2 - dusky pink
3 - indigo

I can also do a ruffle hemmed tunic in the above and other colours below - none in stock at the mo but can make next week. Price is $18

Roll neck sweaters in a sparkly yarn - all $8

1 - lavender and white stripes
2 - dark forest green
3 - mint green
4 - raspberry pink
5 - lavender
6 - winter white
7 - Vivienne is wearing a tweedy purple

Thursday, 26 March 2015

For Cindy

Fair-isles WIP

Blossom pink background and traditional snowflake yoke

Clematis background and hearts yoke

Both of the above are Becky Colvin patterns.

Ciel background and anchors yoke.
This one is Becky Colvin written pattern and the anchors are from Sheila McGregor's Fair Isle book.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Snowflake sweater in a lovely bilberry shade (urchin) and limey green (green tea).
Sized for a Dollstown 7 doll - tried it on Tuppence and it looks kinda like a boyfriend jumper on her but I'd rather see it on a Dollstown!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Intricate and Icelandic

I love this pattern by Becky Colvin.

I love knitting but do procastinate over the finishing! But once I get started I really enjoy it.

Sewing up!

Trance is wearing "Lynx" and Gemini is wearing "Hare".

Intricate and Icelandic

Intricate and Icelandic

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Intricate and Icelandic

My two Unoas have new sweaters.
I used a Becky Colvin pattern sized for Lark and Wren - "Intricate and Icelandic" - kept the same stitches, made length to fit unoa, added a fairisle border to the body and sleeves. Knit Pick Palette Peruvian wool.

Intricate and Icelandic

Intricate and Icelandic

Intricate and Icelandic

Intricate and Icelandic

Intricate and Icelandic

I LOVE these sweaters, they look so real!